There are a number of children in need of sponsorship from
Golda Meir Academy, Beacon House, and our Rescue Program.
Your small monthly donation makes a huge impact.


rescue Sponsorship

When you help us rescue a child from human trafficking or abuse, you are saving a life. You are restoring dignity to children and women who have been used as cheap commodities and giving them a chance to dream again. Your support also gives many of our children a voice and an opportunity to seek justice.

Rescued October 27, 2015

Rescued October 27, 2015

Donations made towards Rescue Sponsorship are pooled in a general fund — one that we refer to as the Freedom Fund — and are allocated toward the most urgent needs at the time of receipt.

Dream On also offers the opportunity for Sponsors to be matched with a specific child on our Rescue Sponsorship Program. Please email if you are interested in allocating your donations toward a particular child.

The process of healing and acquiring life skills is a long journey and requires a holistic plan that is tailored to each victim’s needs. To learn more about the general costs associated with the rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration of children in visit The Cost of Freedom page



prevention sponsorship

Golda Meir Academy

The children at Golda Meir come from a region of Ghana where parents largely support their families with subsistence farming. These families grow enough food to feed themselves but there is most often not a surplus for trade. As such, education and medical care is out of reach for most families and children are vulnerable to disease, child labor, and human trafficking. Golda Meir Academy is a charity school designed to give the children of this farming community an opportunity for an education. Please consider sponsoring a vulnerable child today.


beacon house

Beacon House is a family-style home that has served the Ghanaian community through fostering orphaned and vulnerable children and assisting at-risk families since 2005. Partnering with the Department of Social Welfare, Beacon House often welcomes children who require extra attention and are difficult to accommodate at other children’s homes where they will not receive the specialized care. Many of the children come to Beacon House malnourished and have developmental delays or chronic, life-threatening illnesses.

The caretakers at Beacon House have nurtured many children who have overcome the odds to flourish, and live a normal and happy life.  The heart of the mission of Beacon House is to demonstrate to children that they are loved, that they matter, and despite what they have faced in the past, their dreams can come true.