Enforcement of human rights policies, legislation, and programs is critical to eradicating horrific crimes, such as human trafficking and sexual violence. Prosecution of criminals is vital, not only to achieve justice on behalf of the victims, but for governments to publicly condemn criminal acts and deter these violent acts against children and women. Dream On collaborates with, and provides support services to, government agencies and NGOs that conduct investigations, seek justice, and put criminals behind bars. We partner with the Department of Social Services, Criminal Investigation Department, Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, the Domestic Violence & Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU), and the Enslavement Prevention Alliance – West Africa (EPAWA), among others. 



In some of the countries where Dream On works, there are no witness protection programs organized by government agencies. Many of the women and children who have been victimized cannot return to their communities due to ongoing legal cases and safety concerns. Dream On assists in relocating witnesses and providing housing and security for victims of gender-based violence and human trafficking.  Without witness protection, alleged perpetrators often use intimidation tactics such as harassment, family pressure, death threats, and attempted murder in an effort to coerce victims to drop legal cases against them. Dream On provides holistic care and security so that victims may continue on with a normal life while legal cases proceed. Without witness protection provided by Dream On, the majority of legal cases would not make it to trial, victims would never receive justice, and the abuse would continue.

Photo credit: Felix Lipov