Dream On has undertaken a number of  public health and community development initiatives, which  decrease the risk of children becoming orphaned or victims of human trafficking.

Provision of Clean Water

884 million people lack access to safe water supplies, approximately one in eight people. (1) 3.575 million people die each year from water-related diseases. (2) Children are commonly orphaned when their parents die from water-borne diseases. Dream On addresses this issue by bringing clean water to villages. 

Dream On has installed water pumps in three communities in Ghana and one village in Kenya. Today, the residents of Andokope, Segbedeme, and Kitikpa, Ghana and Shihalia, Kenya are drinking clean water. To date, we have brought clean water to more than 8,500 people.

Critical Medical Care

Dream On has sponsored many children in need of medical testing, procedures, and surgeries that have been life-saving or life-altering and were not otherwise financially attainable for the family.

Community Healthcare Education

After witnessing several children die from typhoid — a treatable and curable illness — Dream On purchased National Health Insurance for over 1000 children who are living in poverty in Ghana. During registration for health insurance, Dream On facilitated community meetings to discuss the importance of healthcare, insurance, preventative care, and providing timely treatment for children when they fall ill.