Knowledge is power. Information is liberating.
Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.
— Kofi Annan

Building Schools and
Providing Educational Sponsorship

When even one child in a family is educated, the entire family can be uplifted out of extreme poverty. As part of its preventative programs, Dream On has been strengthening families and keeping them together for the last ten years through educational sponsorship and the construction of two schools in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Dream On has plans to build a K-8 school, library, and clinic in the village of Andokope, Ghana.  Led by professor Ian McBurnie, students in the architectural program at Ryerson University worked with world-renowned design firm, ARUP, to develop a beautiful environmentally friendly design.

Our Partners Who Provide Educational Opportunities for Children

Beacon House

Beacon House has served the Ghanaian community through fostering orphaned and vulnerable children and assisting at-risk families since 2005. Beacon House accommodates between 20 and 40 children, where they live in a family-style atmosphere that meets their physical, social, educational, and emotional needs.

The heart of the mission of Beacon House is to demonstrate to children that they are loved, they matter, and despite what they have faced in the past, their dreams can come true.

Partnering with the Department of Social Welfare, Beacon House often welcomes children who require extra attention and are difficult to accommodate at other children’s homes where they will not receive the specialized care. Many of the children come to Beacon House malnourished and have developmental delays or chronic, life-threatening illnesses. The caretakers at Beacon House have nurtured many children who have overcome the odds to flourish, and live a normal and happy life.

Golda Meir Academy

Golda Meir Academy (GMA) was established by native Ghanaian, Mary Afari. She named the school after reading a biography about the fourth Prime Minister of Israel. Mary believes that Golda Meir served as a strong role model for girls, and wanted the name of her school to reflect her desire to empower girls to become leaders in their communities. 

At the elementary and junior levels, GMA seeks to promote a positive and challenging learning environment that encourages students to stay in school and continue the educational process. The faculty focuses on creating an atmosphere where higher learning is a major priority. The Ministry of Education has requested that Golda Meir educate both boys and girls from kindergarten through junior secondary levels. However, the senior secondary school will cater to girls only.

The goals of the future senior secondary school are to educate girls and encourage them to continue their education beyond secondary school. GMA will strive to raise young women to become responsible citizens of their communities by boosting their self-esteem and teaching them to become independent thinkers. GMA will prepare girls to develop careers in fields presently available only to men.

To date, Dream On has strengthened the Golda Meir Academy through educational sponsorship, installation of a water pump, purchasing health cards for every student, constructing a fence around the school, providing outdoor playground equipment, outfitting all the children with uniforms, and providing teachers’ salaries.

Help Us Empower & Protect Children by Sponsoring a Child

Through sponsorship, you empower children by giving them an education and an opportunity to become productive citizens of their communities. Your support also protects at-risk children by reducing their chances of being sold or enticed into the human trafficking industry.