Dream On has facilitated a number of community education seminars and meetings as part of its Prevention Program.  We strive to empower people with knowledge to prevent:

  • Children and women from becoming victims of human trafficking 
  • Gender-based violence and sexual exploitation
  • Teenage pregnancy and dropouts from school
  • Contraction of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections
  • Mortality from treatable and preventable illnesses

Health & Sex Education Classes for Teens

Dream On (DO) offers sex education classes that have been enthusiastically received by students and teachers in Ghana. Led by DO’s Health Education Coordinator, Hillary Barnard Owen, the workshop includes fun and interactive games to promote discussion. Children are always eager to learn, ask thoughtful questions, and actively participate in the exercises and discussions. In addition to discussing the differences between boys’ and girls’ bodies, and teaching them about significant issues like menstruation, pregnancy, birth control, prevention of disease, and hormones, we also talk about human rights and sexual responsibility. Young adults learn about the warning signs of becoming a potential victim of human trafficking or sexual abuse and how to recognize and report abuse in the community.

Forum on Human Trafficking for Youth

Our forum on human trafficking for youth and children called “Hear Me,” brought together over 200 students from across the nation to formulate their own policy on human trafficking. Students learned about human trafficking from top activists and learned how to formulate their own policies. The students worked in groups to pass resolutions to present to the government in Ghana.

Community Healthcare Education

After witnessing several children die from typhoid — a treatable and curable illness —Dream On purchased National Health Insurance for over 1000 children who are living in poverty in Ghana. During registration for health insurance, Dream On facilitated community meetings to discuss the importance of healthcare, insurance, and receiving timely treatment when children are ill. 

Life Skills Education for Survivors of Human Trafficking

Dream On taught weekly classes to survivors of human trafficking at AGREDS shelter in Accra, Ghana. The curriculum focused on the basics of human rights and life skills, such as money management.

Seminar on Sex Tourism in Ghana

Partnering with the Ghana Tourist Board, a nationwide campaign was created to address sex tourism in Ghana.  We conducted educational sessions for the Ghana Tourist Board and Accra Hotelier’s Association on human trafficking.