Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Reintegration

Dream On ensures that rescued victims receive adequate assistance with dignity; have a safe space to recover and rebuild their lives; are provided with access to an appropriate group of service providers for immediate psycho-social, medical, and legal assistance; and obtain the necessary education or skills to guarantee a holistic reintegration into society. Dream On achieves this through its partner organizations or admission of a child to the Dream On Residential Home.


Emergency post-rescue pack

Giving dignity to those rescued from human trafficking and sexual violence

Every day, victims are being rescued from horrific situations of human trafficking and sexual violence, whether directly by Dream On or by our partners. When people are trafficked for labor/sexual exploitation or experience sexual violence, one of the first things they lose is their faith in humanity and their own self worth. The initial moments after someone is rescued are critical in shaping the basis of a successful recovery and rehabilitation process.

When a victim is rescued, they lose access to personal belongings. They are scared and insecure about what tomorrow holds. What we seek to do is provide them with an emergency post-rescue pack that will contain basic toiletries, a change of clothes, and some food items. This helps create a sense of security, self-esteem, trust, and care in a tangible way. It will give victims the ability to take care of themselves in the short term, and begin their journey towards becoming a survivor with self-respect. The following is a list of items that are needed:

Our emergency post-rescue packs contain items such as toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, comb, soap, lotion, sponge, feminine products, disposable razor, underwear, bra, shoes, socks, t-shirt, trouser/skirt, water, snacks, backpack, towel, bed sheet, washing powder, toilet paper, children’s books, notebooks, and pens.

Witness Protection

In some of the countries where Dream On works, there are no witness protection programs organized by government agencies. Many of the women and children who have been victimized cannot return to their communities due to ongoing legal cases and safety concerns. In these cases, Dream On assists in relocating witnesses and providing housing and security for victims of gender-based violence and human trafficking.  Without witness protection, alleged perpetrators often use intimidation tactics such as harassment, family pressure, death threats, and attempted murder in an effort to coerce victims to drop legal cases against them. Dream On provides holistic care and security so that victims may continue on with a normal life while legal cases proceed. Without witness protection provided by Dream On, the majority of legal cases would not make it to trial, victims would never receive justice, and the abuse would continue.