I was suffering too much. One day, I put my head down on the ground and I prayed to God to take me. I really did not want to live anymore. I was not living. I was existing in pain every day. Then you people came and gave me reason to live, gave me hope and strength. I can’t believe what my life is today. I never dreamed I could be this happy.
— Bless, survivor on Dream On Rescue Program


Dream On envisions a world where freedom from slavery is an indomitable right from birth and access to basic human rights paves the way toward fulfillment of dreams and aspirations.


To combat gender-based violence and human trafficking and the underlying causes using a culturally sensitive community-based approach.


In support of our mission, Dream On:

  • Raises awareness about human trafficking for sexual exploitation and commercial labor, as well as all other forms of modern-day slavery.

  • Collaborates with civil society and governmental stakeholders to create long-lasting and sustainable solutions including creation of infrastructure, drafting and implementation of effective policy and a nationwide awareness/education on human trafficking and its underlying causes.

  • Empowers children and youth to combat human trafficking and curb the demand for such practices in their society.

  • Works on precedent setting human rights abuse cases and sets standards to be followed, as well as sends a clear message to perpetrators that they will be prosecuted.

  • Sets holistic and culturally sensitive standards for victim aftercare.

  • Implements community health programs to address the underlying causes that contribute to human trafficking and human rights abuses.

  • Provides educational/training opportunities to vulnerable children and survivors of GBV and human trafficking through the tertiary level.